Beveled optical fiber
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Beveled optical fiber
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Beveled optical fiber

IDP Bevel finished fiber is mainly divided into two categories: for one category, the bevel angle is 0°-10°and this category is used to prevent reflected light on the surface from returning to the laser device. For another category, the bevel angle is 40°-50°and this category can make the optical path to change or produce total reflection for a large angle. The optical property of planar finished fiber depends on its cut surface.
It is used for the coupling of high-speed receiver device and the coupling of the laser to the fiber side face.
Light beam analysis photograph and Outline schematic diagram
Lens working schematic diagram

Fiber mode

Single-mode / multimode fiber
Special fiber required/provided by customers

Bevel angle α

α=37/45±1°(standard) or customer requirements(3050°)±1°

A Naked fiber length at the end

≥0.1mm(standard), or customer requirements±0.2mm

B Length of metalized part

Customer requirements ±0.5mm

C Length of naked fiber at the root

0mm(standard), or customer requirements±0.5mm

D Total length of stripped fiber

Customer requirements±0.5mm

Total fiber length

Customer requirements+0.5m

Coating thickness

34μm(standard) or 110μm(customer requirements)

Thickness of gold-coated layer


Coated layer tension

>5N Conditions: Chuxing hot solder resist process

Operating Temperature


Recommended soldering temperature


Recommended soldering flux


Coated membrane on the end face

It can be coated according to customer requirements

Connector type

FC, SC or customer requirements

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