Fused Taper components Process

 For more than 5 years Idealphotonics invented several innovative methods to improve fiber components product design, manufacturing and testing. We insist on developping new methods to ensure our products perform well in the field.Thanks for the performance of our coupler Workstations,together with our mature skills.Our PM components and high power components can perform well in fiber sensor and fiber laser application.Our wide range of capabilities are the reason why we are the excellent choice for Defense and Sensor TDLAS applications.We can provide you more than products,we can also provide you a whole system solution.Click here know more.If you have any requirement you just need send us one .

Idealphotonics fiber Optic splitters and combiners are manufactured with our special Fused Biconical Taper process using fully automated product manufacturing stations at our Hongkong facility.
We also developed SturbonTM process to improve the mechanical and environmental stability of all our fiber optic products.
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 Fiber Coil Manufacturing and Test Stations

Most of the staffes from idealphotonics come from FOG research.Also almost every closed loop FOG components are manufactured in house, including IOCs, ASE light sources and electronics, as well as in-house integration and testing.We have our own coil winding machine to ensure the quality of fiber coil.As we know fiber coil is the key component of Gyroscope.We also have ourselves Fiber optical gyroscope Ring Adhesive.All of these conditions contribute Idealphotonics to produce a high precious FOG.So far We have provided FOG solutions for many researches and companies. If you have any interest in FOG products,please contact our Shanghai Office or give us one
IDP design and manufacture of inertial sensors relies on proprietary innovations and in-house manufacturing capabilities. We thus ensure total control of standards and performance, while delivering exceptional flexibility for tailored requirements.
IDP FOG chip (IOC) is fully tested under all environmental conditions. Its packaging, implemented in a IDP-developed pigtailing station, has also been tested for all extreme environmental conditions,also with full temperature testing.In order to achieve the high level closed loop at all environmental conditions mandated by the IDP- FOG, we have also developed in-house special manufacturing equipment for the quadruple winding of the optical fiber.(As the left picture)
Laser Diode Package Servive

We supply semiconductor light emitting devices for research, development, and production. We have almost full wavelength chips in store.We have the ability to package the laser devive in any package types.If we have chip you want in stock.Also DFB,FP,Vcsel,LED,SLD laser diode you can pick up from our product list.We have successful case in TDLAS,EDFA,high power fiber laser application.Please learn more from our laser diode Store.Please contact our Vancouver office salestaff to know 
IDP also has the extended capability to package and test our laser diodes to ensure the reliability and quality .Quality is the most important thing for IDP together with the customer . We choose the best chips with best package skills to provide you the world-class laser diodes. Please click here fore more information.
Fiber communication Solutions/Services Center
We start from fiber communication.Our CEO begins his career at one famous fiber communication company.Thanks for our high quality components,We have the ability to provide you different kinds of EDFAlaser diode and optical components to produce our communication device.So the fiber  communication product of IDP will be your right choice.Also the good after-service will make you no worried about the reparing problems.Wherever you are,if you have anything wrong with device of IDP.Our three offices will give great support.Please contact our Hongkong office for further
IDP has a large facility to provide highly advanced fiber commumication solutions and services to a number of industries ranging from telecom, sensor to defense. We have the capability to incorporate a variety of IDP and non-IDP manufactured fiber optic products in FTTH,G-pon transmision applications. Please click here for more information