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FOG Solution from Idealphotonics

Idealphotonics is a global leader in providing FOG product solutions.AS a manafacture,we can provide customer three different grades(Commercial/Military/Aerospace grade) products to meet different applications.A FOG is based on the Sagnac Effect,we have excellent manufacturer’s process. We thus ensure total control of standards and performance, while delivering exceptional flexibility for tailored requirements.
Our FOG chip (IOC) is fully tested under all environmental conditions. Its packaging, implemented in a Idealphotonics-developed pigtailing station, has also been tested for all extreme environmental conditions.
In order to achieve the high level closed loop at all environmental conditions mandated by the idealphotonics FOG, we have also developed in-house special manufacturing equipment for the quadruple winding of the optical fiber.
Idealphotonics’ products including(Tested under all environmental conditions):
Opto-Electronics Parts:
Pump laser diode; Optical detector PINFET;IOC
(Integrated Optical Component/Y-junction waveguide)
Passive Optical Components:
Optical isolator; PM Optical coupler(2x2);Bragg grating
Fiber Optic:
Erbium doped fiber (ASE/SLDfor FOG Source); fiber Coil (for Sagnac Interferometer).
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