Academic applications


As the leader in its field of passive fiber optic technology, universities and research labs throughout the world have come to recognize Idealphotonics for its ability to manufacture custom devices to requirements that have proven difficult for others to meet.We also have a special team especially for reseach and college customers.You can find more educational kits in our websites.
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Includes environmental, structural, geophysical, toxicity and biomedical monitors. Addresses increasing need for pressure, temperature, stress, organic, etc data acquisition.We can provide you competitive product soultions including FBG,BODTR,RODTR.Please know more from the description of our solution.
• Oil/Gas exploration
• Downhole monitoring equipments
• Medical and health monitoring equipments
• Biohazard equipments
• Architectural structural monitoring systems(eg: bridges, trusses, roads).

TDLAS(Gas seneor)


Environment problems is more and more serious.We cares the value of PM2.5,Also we can detector the gas and analysis the composition of the gas.We can provide you Tunable laser diode(laser diode driver is available) including 762nm O2, 1278nm HF,1392nm H2O,1512nm NH3,1571nmCO,1654nmCH4,
2O.Find more Beside the laser dide,we can also provide you the detector according the gas you want to test.Also the solution is possible for us to give you.If you need any suggestion.Please know more about TDLAS solutions

industries we serve Government, Military & Aerospace

  Idealphotonics products are excellent choice for Government, Military & Aerospace applications.
Typical target customers:
• Gyroscope manufacturers
• Defense contractors
• Government and university research facilities
• Submarine/Under-Sea System Providers
Idealphotonics products are deployed in various Government, Military and Aerospace applications with the market trends described below:(including MIOC,fiber coil,PM coupler,quartz-flexure accelerometer)
• Aerospace application need high precious product
• Many high end platforms, from ships to aircraft are being updated with fiber networks.
• Commercial aircraft are going to fiber as they go to composite materials and to further reduce weight.
• Government has recognized the need for segregated, secure communications links for military bases, government installations and Homeland Security.
• Optical security systems are being designed and built to protect high security facilities and borders.


Includes telephony and CATV equipment manufacturers, and regional operating companies. Wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing, Combiners, Splitters, and Optical add/drops.  Includes Fiber-to-the-Business (FTTB), Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) and Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC) through Passive Optical Networking (PON). Addresses increasing need for broadband services.Our EDFA,CATV transmitter,and light source can support you in your project.Thanks
Typical customers include:
• Equipment manufacturers
• Regional operating companies
• Contract manufacturers
Some typical products and applications include:
• College and Research experiment
• System integrators
• Engineering companies
• Distributors

 High Power Materials Processing

Nowdays high power fiber can be used in  more and more applications.Most companies want to develop high power fiber laser.If you are the manufacture you are lucky,Becuase you need not be worried the performance of the components we provide.We have succfully aplied these components in many famous european factory.Products including high power components,high power isolator,AOM,FBG,output beam expander.Also the competitive pump laser is available at present.Please click here know more.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

  Fiber Optic Components and laser Modules for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)   IDP offers highly reliable optical components used in the development and manufacturing of OCT imaging systems. We also offer custom optical SLD modules and integrating multiple broadband components such as splitters, circulators , couplers, fixed and variable optical attenuators for various OCT applications. What's more, we also develop the patch special for OCT application.Click here for more information