Tappered lensed fiber
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Tappered lensed fiber
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Tappered lensed fiber

It is mainly used for the coupling of DFB, SLD laser whose facula is nearly circular
Tapperd lensed fiber is produced by finishing the fiber end face to be taper-shaped with precise finish equipment of our company; and then optical micro-sphere lens is produced on its cusp with special processing procedure with the purpose of expanding optical numerical aperture and increasing its ability to absorb light.It is characterized by high coupling efficiency, as well as convenient and reliable use, with the coupling efficiency to SLD laser higher than 30%. 
Light beam analysis photograph

Outline schematic diagram

Lens working schematic diagram


Product parameters

Fiber mode

Single-mode / multimode fiber
Special fiber required/provided by customers

Taper angle θ

θ=3033°(standard), θ=5255°(standard), θ=110120°(standard)or customer requirements(30120°)±2°

Radius of lens r

420μm(standard)or customer requirements±1μm

A Naked fiber length at the end

≥0.1mm(standard), or customer requirements±0.2mm

B Length of metalized part

Customer requirements±0.5mm

C Length of naked fiber at the root

0mm(standard), or customer requirements±0.5mm

D Total length of stripped fiber

Customer requirements±0.5mm

Total fiber length

Customer requirements+0.5m

Coating thickness

34μm(standard)or 110μm(customer requirements )

Thickness of gold-coated layer

Not less than 0.1μm

Coated layer tension

>10N Conditions: Idealphotonics hot solder resist process

Operating Temperature


Recommended soldering temperature


Recommended soldering flux


Coated membrane on the end face

It can be coated according to customer requirements

Connector type

FC, SC or customer requirements

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