14Pin Butterfly Packaged DFB Laser Temperature and Current Driver Mounting Module
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14Pin Butterfly Packaged DFB Laser Temperature and Current Driver Mounting Module
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14Pin Butterfly Packaged DFB Laser Temperature and Current Driver Mounting Module


DFB butterfly packaged lasers are widely used in many near-infrared TDLAS gas detection. In order to achieve high precision gas detection, we need to control the temperature and current of DFB lasers precisely. The high performance driver module DFBM1550 developed by Idealphotonics independently, is specially designed for 14pin Butterfly Packaged Laser Diodes. DFBM1550 module integrates not only radiating unit, but also the temperature control circuit and low noise current driver. The driver has ultra-low current noise and it has no ripple or overshoot. It contains 2 modes including local and remote. It also supports external analog modulation and multiple state monitoring ports. It is well adapted for near-infrared TDLAS detect system integration and OEM applications.
The special design of maximum soft current clamping function, can avoid large current damaging the laser diode in emergency conditions. You can build a near-infrared TDLAS detect module by using this module, Idealphotonics InGaAs detector unit and Idealphotonics’s phase-locked demodulator.   


Integrate TEC(temperature control), current driver, butterfly packaged radiating mounting seat  all in one
● ultra-low current noise driver
● support external analog modulation 
● support LOCAL and REMOTE control modes
● adjustable bias current upper limit and TEC current upper limit
● Monitor TEC set temperature, actual temperature, laser diode set bias current, actual bias current in real time


Current Control

Photo Diode Polarity

Anode connects to the ground.

Current Range

0-250mA (adjustable upper limit)

Bias Voltage

    VDD - (0.5* VEXT LD SET)

Current Noise


System Drift (24 hours under constant ambient temperature condition)


Temperature Coefficient


Temperature Control

    TEC Current

    0 - ±3A (adjustable)

    TEC Voltage


Max TEC Power

> 5W

TEC stability


Analog Modulated Input


DC - 500kHz

Input Voltage Range

0 - 2V

Input Impedance


Modulation Coefficient


Analog Monitor

Set_I & Act_I Monitor Coefficient


Set_I & Act_I Monitor Coefficient



Power Supply

5 - 12VDC / 1.5A (max)

Operation Temperature

0 - 40℃

Storage Temperature

-40 - 70℃

Modulation I/O Interface


Interface Definition:

Cable Control 

 Mechanical Dimensions

Before you place an order please send us your 14pin butterfly package pin definition and we will set the right pin definitions with our laser diode Mount and you can fix your laser with the mount directly when you receive the mount.