C Band Tunable Fiber optical filter
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C Band Tunable Fiber optical filter
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C Band Tunable Fiber optical filter


Manually tunable optical filter for manual adjustment of the central wavelength in the area of 1550 nm (C-band). The maximum tunable range is more than 15 nm. The filter is based on the compression of FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating) through the accurate micrometric head which allows fine tuning resolution of 70 pm


● Manually tunable optical filter
● Tunable range > 15 nm
● Manual adjustment of the central wavelength optional in the C-band (1520 – 1570 nm)
● FWHM optional 0.2 – 0.5 nm
● Fine tuning resolution 70 pm


● Wavelength selection form a broadband light source. 

● Noise suppression e.g. in EDFA amplifiers and transmission systems with tunable wavelength. 
● Telecommunications - channel selection in WDM systems. 
● Designed for laboratory and testing purposes.

Optical Parameters

Tuning range 

> 15 nm

Wavelength Optional 

in C-band

FWHM Optional 

0.1 – 0.5 nm (± 0.05 nm)


5 – 99 % (± 5 %)

Insertion loss 

3.5 dB*

Tuning resolution

70 pm


< 0.5 dB

Maximum optical input power

500 mW

Operational temperature range

10 - 40 °C

Fiber type

SMF G.657.A2

Fiber length

0.5 or 1 m

Optical spectrum

Wavelength dependence

Mechanical dimensions

Ordering Information

Aditional information

Do not store the filter in the maximum compressed position, otherwise the opto-mechanical system may be damaged or the tuning range reduced. We recommend to release the filter to default position after finish the work. 

We are also developing automatic FBG filter with electronic tuning and temperature compensation.

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